Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development (HRD) is a holistic framework for empowering workers to develop their personal, organisational and professional, skills, knowledge and abilities. Vision psychology provides a range of HRD workshops to meet both small and large workplaces. The following are just some examples:

Managing Organisational Change

This interact workshop helps participants to understand the dynamics of organisational change and how best to manage their reactions.  The one-day workshop focuses on increasing understanding on the basics of organisational change. Effective strategies are developed to navigate the change process, with a focus on adaptation and minimising resistance to change. David has over 20 years in managing workplace changes, including his own experience in redundancy and life after public service.

Thinking outside the box: Lateral Thinking

The Lateral Thinking model is problem solving model as developed by Edward de Bono. As an interactive workshop, the half-day session focuses on the steps of problem solving; brainstorming and star-bursting; creative thinking; encouraging lateral thinking and creative thinking; identifying the problem statement and ‘thinking outside the box’. David has run lateral thinking Human Resource Development workshops for schools, small businesses, corporations and training providers.